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E-commerce website design

E-Commerce Website design


grabWhen embarking on a new online business venture it is vital that you invest in an e-commerce website design tailored specifically to harness the power of the internet to meet your objectives.


Building a website these days is not the complicated task it used to be. However, if your aim is to conduct transactions online, and to deliver products and services either digitally or through more traditional channels, you need a professional e-Commerce website design from the get go.


TopSearchEngineRankings has an enviable portfolio of successful e-Commerce website design. Our objective is to deliver you a professional site that is designed specifically to boost your business - a lean, mean sales machine.


ecommercescreenTaking Your Customers By The Hand


The internet has created a new breed of customer - one who needs comprehensive yet concise information, and instant gratification (sales processing). Once they make a commitment to buy, they expect the transaction to be efficient, secure and seamless.


Your TopSearchEngineRankings E-commerce website design will have a focus on sales conversion - designed in a way that leads visitors to commit to your products or services, and to make online payment processing as simple as hitting a “buy now” button.


The TopSearchEngineRankings Strategy


Your e-Commerce website will be designed, in consultation with you, to ensure:


  • Your website is easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Your sales copy is persuasive, to-the-point and grammatically correct. Clear, concise and correct communication is key to making sales.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: the days of Internet Explorer's dominance as a web browser are coming to an end, and to ensure you reach the broadest section of customers, we ensure that your site is able to be seen properly on a variety of browsers.
  • Streamlined site navigation: bells and whistles are nice, but if you have too many of them, your visitors will become lost, distracted and confused. We will ensure that your site makes the most effective use of videos, graphics and other tools.
  • Streamlined payment processing, with an emphasis on security.
  • You have Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Pages. Not only do search engines look for these to verify your site as being authentic, but these pages can also protect you, in this litigious world, from legal liability.


For both existing online operations and new businesses, professional e-commerce website design that has its emphasis on the end result - sales - is essential for making the most out of the immense business opportunities that the Internet provides


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