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Email marketing

Email Marketing


The internet is an increasingly competitive environment as more businesses are vying for the attention of online consumers. Among the internet marketing strategies used to increase conversions (sales or contact details), email marketing remains one of the most effective, yet least expensive.


Why email?


Direct approach
Why wait for your potential customers to find your site when you can communicate with them directly through email? Email is an increasingly accepted method of online business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) communication, and by compiling a qualified database of email addresses, you can conduct sales and promotional campaigns directly with clients with whom you have an established relationship.


Inexpensive cost
The actual transmission of emails is free, and there is no limit to the number you can send out. Because there is no hard copy marketing collateral like flyers, leaflets, brochures or catalogs involved, there are no printing, postage or delivery costs involved. This makes email marketing one of the most cost effective solutions for marketing on a tight budget or during a recession.


Email automation
One of the biggest boons to email marketing is the use of an automation service, usually by using ‘Autoresponders’ (see below). By preparing a series of emails you can create a complete marketing campaign in advance and have it run in a drip-feed way, on auto-pilot. Because an automatioin service can collect data throughout a campaign, its analytic tools can also provide important information about your customers which may help to refine future sales campaigns.


When TopSearchEngineRankings formulates your email marketing strategy a number of Internet marketing techniques may be suggested as appropriate for your business, including:


List building: Building and maintaining a substantial database of your qualified (those who have expressed an interest in your company/products/services) potential clients’ email addresses is a key element to email marketing. It deserves as much time and attention in establishing and maintaining as the emails you send. This database is commonly referred to as your ‘list’, and building a qualified list takes a level of expertise that we successfully apply to our clients’ businesses.


Newsletter marketing: By delivering quality, relevant and useful information to your clients by way of an email newsletter, you are able to develop and build on your relationship with them. While there will always be a ‘call to action’ within the newsletter, its main purpose is to inform. TopSearchEngineRankings can organise the creation of your newsletter, or advise you on how to manage the newsletter process.


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Copywriting: Effective email copywriting follows a style that is at once informative and persuasive. Care needs to be taken to not oversell, as this could result in your emails being regarded as ‘spam’ and readers unsubscribing from your list.


It is important for your emails to reflect the tone of your website: friendly, educational, businesslike, technical. Your readers will then feel comfortable in the transition of linking from your email to your site. If a friendly email lands on a hard-sell page, you will lose the benefit of that hard-earned click-through.


If copywriting is not within your skill-set, we can recommend copywriters or copywriting courses to help you.


Autoresponders: A tool that takes email marketing to a whole new level is the autoresponder. A quality autoresponder will manage your lists, broadcast your emails and newsletters and provide valuable feedback on the number of people who open your emails, click on links, unsubscribe etc. Using an autoresponder you are able to schedule complete marketing campaigns from the time of signup through to purchase, and beyond.


TopSearchEngineRankings is a specialist in autoresponder management and recommend this valuable tool as an integral part of your internet marketing program.


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