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PPC management

PPC Management Enhances Your Marketing Effort


Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a very sophisticated way to enhance your marketing campaign by getting finely targeted traffic to your website. At TopSearchEngineRankings we believe that it can be one of the most powerful tools for increasing conversions.


PPC At Its Simplest


PPC advertisements are the listings you see on your search results, which are labelled, for example in Google, as “Sponsored links”. At first glance they appear to be regular listings, but in fact the owners of those listings pay the search engine every time someone clicks on their link. The amount they pay is determined by the competitiveness of the keyword they nominate - the same keyword that people are using to come to that particular page. These advertisements are sometimes called ‘paid listings’.


The regular or ‘organic’ listings are all of the other search results on a page. They are ranked in order of relevance and value by the search engines, and a variety of marketing strategies are used to be well ranked in these listings.


An ideal scenario would be for your site to be listed both organically and through a PPC advertisement - dominating page 1 of the search results!


PPC Management


ppc management

Because of the keyword research and competitive analysis required to run a successful PPC campaign, enlisting the services of a team experienced in PPC management will get you the most from your advertising dollar. At TopSearchEngineRankings we pride ourselves on the PPC advertising success we achieve for our clients.


Far too many advertisers end up paying for clicks that don't yield results - most commonly because of poor keyword identification and improper set up of the campaign. Optimizing the efficiency of your PPC campaign will help you save a money and increase buying traffic.


Key Components of PPC Management


A PPC management system streamlines your campaigns, squeezing every drop of value out of every dollar spent on pay per click advertising. When you engage TopSearchEngineRankings to formulate your campaign we will:


Focus your keywords
Identifying and focusing on specific buying keywords will make it more likely that the clicks for which you pay will be clicks that convert.


Leverage ad copy
Ensure that the very limited allowable sales copy is effective, but at the same time adheres to the often complex rules of your PPC service provider.


Evaluate the budget
We know how to avoid all of the pitfalls that often result when the inexperienced attempt to assemble their own PPC campaigns. We will identify, monitor and adjust your ideal spend per click in relation to your sales conversions.


Track conversions
Conversions (sales or desired response) are the main indicator of how well your campaign is working. We determine the quality of clicks, with the aim of having only ‘warm’ customers - those who are predisposed to buying - follow the link to your site. We will identify which ads your buying customers clicked, at what time of the day, and their geographical location.


Having the TopSearchEngineRankings team advise you on PPC management will not only make the most of every dollar you spend on PPC advertising, but will also leverage your organic search engine listings - a powerful combination.


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