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Regular Business Webinars

The Business Breakfast formula of last 30 years has a big hit around the world. It allowed many small to medium business owners to network with each other, as well as those attending from big business. Having guest keynote speakers opened up new opportunities and business models that inspired diversification, brand extension and market development.


It did have downsides however:


The timing necessitated sacrificing personal as well as business time Often only one member of a business was able to attend Unless it took place in a CBD, only local businesses were represented


The Webinar Difference

More and more businesses are using the internet as a means of real time communication, for training and for networking. Webinars are ‘online seminars’ where a presenter, or group of presenters, discuss topics, techniques and tips - and share these with those who have elected to join the session.


Usually there is a Q&A session that allows for clarification requests and suggestions.


TopSearchEngineRankings Webinars

topsearchenginerankings webinars

We have embraced the Webinar phenomenon, and know what a powerful means of communicating it is. So much so, that we have eschewed the Business Breakfast model, in favour of Webinars.


Our Webinars are absolutely free of charge for our clients. And all you need is internet access to participate after you have registered. You will need to download the Webinar software, but that is an automatic process once you register - definitely not a ‘techy’ exercise.


So, what are the benefits of attending TopSearchEngineRanking Webinars?


  • Keeping up to date with improvements in technology that may impact on your site (again, a non-tech approach is taken)
  • All of your staff can attend, which ensures you are all on the same page regarding new strategy implementation
  • No travelling time, no refreshments or fuel cost, no need to ‘dress to impress’
  • Listen while you work
  • Learn how to make simple changes to your site that will boost your profits
  • Discover new services that can help you keep your website fresh and relevant in the eyes of the search engines, e.g. why not outsource regular content creation?
  • Hear what your peers are doing to improve their online presence - their success stories will inspire you and your team
  • Be anonymous if you wish


Seeing Is Believing

A key benefit however, is seeing how Webinars are conducted. You will learn just how powerful a medium they be, and the implications for your business could be staggering.


By using a slide presentation that you might, in the past, have taken around the country or around the world, you will see how you can now conduct product launches, staff training, procedural demonstrations and deliver financial and budgeting reports - online, to up to 1000 participants at one time.


Webinar Schedule

The next TopSearchEngineRanking Webinar will take place on:


Time: .... (zone)


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Forthcoming topics

Why good search engine ranking improves the value of my business


  • How do search engines work and what can I do to attract them?
  • Collecting the details of visitors to my website
  • How to attract ‘buying customers’ to my website
  • Successful Email marketing
  • What are keywords and why they are important
  • Newsletters
  • Outsourcing
  • ....


There is no doubt that the internet is a dynamic environment, and the TopSearchEngineRankings team prides itself on staying in touch with the constant changes. We know how to leverage these changes to the advantage of our clients.


While our goal is to take on the responsibility of search engine optimization, we believe that when our clients understand some of the concepts behind what we do, it makes the process so much easier.


Our Webinars are guaranteed to be easy to understand for the layman, no complex tech-talk, and, because you are able to type in, and sometimes ask questions throughout, your questions can be asked in real time.


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