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Search Engine Marketing Strategy

A Winning Search Engine Marketing Strategy



If you have a website that isn’t getting the traffic it needs or if you’re about to launch a new site for your business, having a well constructed and executed search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is vital.


Building a website these days is not the complicated task it used to be, but few are designed in a way that can dislodge their key competitors from the top of the search engine results. Getting to the top of that list is like money in the the bank, as most searchers only view the first two pages of results before making a purchase decision, or moving on.


Once your site has made it to page one of the search engine results however, you need to have a plan in place to keep it there. Millions of websites are being published each year, and some of them will have the goal of occupying your top spot.


To get ahead and stay ahead, you need the help of professionals trained to create sites that catch the attention of not just viewers because of their design and presentation, but also of the search engines, through search engine optimization (SEO).


A proven formula for SEM success


successWhen you enlist the support of TopSearchEngineRankings to create your search engine marketing strategy, we deliver:


  • Competition analysis: What are your competitors using and is it working?
  • Relevance: Which keywords are most likely to come to mind when someone is looking for your product.
  • Keyword research: Which keywords are the most relevant to your product, and the least used by other sites.
  • Meta and Title tag creation
  • Submission to search engines: Google isn’t everything, and there are loyal followers of other search engines. By getting ranked on their results, you may tap into a customer base that your competitors have ignored.
  • Organic SEO: Creating written content that is designed to read well, yet is constructed in a way to attract the search engines, with correct keyword placement.


All of these strategies involve research and expertise, and techniques that TopSearchEngineRankings continues to develop and improve.

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