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SEO Audit

You may have the most impressive website ever created - with all the bells and whistles, animations and flashing lights - but if it is not getting traffic, it will not deliver you sales.

seo auditA question we are often asked is “How do we know how much traffic we are getting?”. While this question is important, more relevant ones would, in fact, be “How much BUYING traffic are we getting?” , “Where is it coming from?” and “How can I get more?”.

The answer is not determined by guesswork, but by having a Search Engine Optimisation - SEO audit conducted by our Top Search Engine Rankings team. Our SEO audit will analyze your website, find ways to make it more search-engine friendly, and increase the amount of buying traffic it receives.

More than 80 percent of website traffic comes from search engine results, and if your site is not in the top 10 rankings of a major search engine, you are losing business to your more highly-ranked competition.

The world of online business is filled with a multitude of voices trying to be heard. The voice that shouts the loudest, longest and strongest is the one that will get the attention (traffic), and the conversions (sales). By embracing our finely-targeted search engine optimization strategies, your voice will be amplified.

Your Site Under Our Microscope

Search engine optimization strategies help move your site to the top of the search engine rankings and keep them there. TopSearchEngineRankings will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current website and analyse what strategies need to be employed in order have it ranked well.

Your SEO audit will:

  • Analyse the architecture and technical infrastructure of your site
  • Determine how compatible your site is with search engine ‘robots’
  • Report on competitor activity and online presence
  • Identify vital keywords for your niche and determine if are being used well, if at all
  • Determine how well your site can target keywords in meta tags and its content
  • Suggest corrective measures for any problems found
  • Recommend preventative measures for potential problem issues

Once the audit is done, and with your approval, TopSearchEngineRankings can begin the process of making any necessary changes. Our team is comprised of professionals in search engine optimisation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to be up to date as the search engines change the formulae they use to rank websites.

By conducting a thorough SEO audit TopSearchEngineRankings will be able to recommend how your site can get the ‘fixes’ it needs to improve its traffic and visibility, and maintain these improvements long-term.

CAll us1800 995 900

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