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SEO copy writing

One of the key components of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is ensuring that every piece of content on your site, or that you create to lead traffic to your site, is correctly optimsed.


seo copy writing

The linchpin of SEO content writing is using your keywords (which you, or our TopSearchEngineRankings team, will have identified), correctly. Proper keyword placement is vital because the search engine spiders or robots that ‘crawl’ pages will look for keywords in certain locations. And using too many keywords will see the search engines penalise you for ‘keyword stuffing’.


While it is not difficult to learn how to create a great article or how to write website copy that the search engines will rate well, the execution of the task is what often stymies people.


Every website needs a supply of quality, original and relevant content to achieve and maintain top rankings. Most internet marketers find this part of the marketing mix laborious - they would rather devote their energies to more creative or high-value pursuits.


But the fact remains that SEO content writing needs to be done.


Our SEO Content Writing Service

TopSearchEngineRankings partner with specialist SEO content writers who are able to create the content you need - freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business. As different SEO strategies emerge, so too does the type of content provided, including:


• Website Copy

Your website’s pages need to be in flawless English, with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Often they are the first impression that your prospects will have of you, your business and products.


It is vital that your website copy instills the confidence needed for your visitors to take the next step - to buy, email, phone or join your email list


• Articles and their distribution

Articles of varying length fulfill different, yet important, purposes for SEO. They can support the information on your website pages, can be published via article directories to help establish your ‘authority’ within a niche, or they can be used for link generation.


Whichever type of article is called for, they need to be original, with correct keyword placement. We can help determine which type of article you need, or whether a combination will work best for you.


• Blog Posts and their distribution

Our SEO content writing team can create blog posts for you to use on your own sites or to be added to blog networks. Blog posts can be as little as 100 words, with no upper limit. When added to networks, the SEO achieved through backlinks is hard to beat.


• Web 2.0 posts

Your site’s SEO will be enhanced by having material on sites like and These sites rank very well, and because your material will carry links to your site, the search engines will acknowledge those links. There is a growing number of these sites online, and their integrity relies on quality content being added.


Why not take a look at these sites, to see what we mean? Our content experts can help create these pages for you.


• Powerful Press Releases

A trend that is yielding big SEO rewards for our clients is using Press Releases to increase both traffic and links.


As in the case of articles, Press Releases or Media Releases need to be assembled in a certain way to gain acceptance, and our writers know just how to create something newsworthy from your website.


• Direct Response Copywriting

Have you ever landed on a webpage that has what is known as ‘long sales copy?’. Even if you don’t realise it, you probably have.


These pages are crafted by expert copywriters - they know how to identify a need, empathise with the reader and allude to solving a problem - and they know how to get you to hit the “Buy Now” button. There is a formula that they follow, but it is skilled area - sales copy is a high-ticket item because of the expertise involved.


Why not allow us to help you with this task the next time you have an online product launch?

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