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SEO for Small Business

Astute small business owners have realised the massive opportunities that come from having a website, however simple it may be. They understand that with each passing year, more people are looking online for information, products and services. Making online purchases has become second nature to many consumers, with secure payment processing systems playing a vital role in this phenomenon.

But just having a website is not enough. The success of your online business depends on how easily your potential customers and clients can find yours among the millions of websites on the web, and for this to happen you will need to use specific strategies for Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for small engine optimisation

An estimated 85% of website traffic comes from search engine referrals and if your website is correctly optimised, this is where your ‘buying’ customers and clients will come from. Why not test your site now: Do a quick search using what you believe to be the keyword or phrase for your business (not the business name, but its product/service). Does your website appear in the first page of results? Can you see it listed at all?

Just as your potential customer base has grown as a result of the internet, so too has your competition, and getting top search rankings is a continuing challenge for many businesses, regardless of their size. It is for this reason that so many have come to recognise the importance of search engine optimisation.

Why you need SEO

While search engines are generally secretive about the criteria they use to index and rank websites, their systems are formula-based, and these formulae are continually being modified. At TopSearchEngineResults we stay up to date with the changing algorithms used by the search engines to ensure our clients’ websites maintain or improve their ranking.

The SEO strategies we use for small businesses include:

• Backlinking

Search engines use an automated systems known as ‘robots’ or ‘spiders’ that ‘crawl’ the Internet viewing content. Having other websites linking to yours increases its chances of being found by the search engines, and the more sites linking to yours the higher the value it is given. We have strategies in place to get your sites thousands of quality backlinks that the search engines will love.

• Content creation

Search engines love fresh, unique and relevant content. Feeding your site regularly with quality SEO content, with carefully placed keywords, is one of the best ways of giving it ‘authority’ status in the eyes of the search engines, another factor in being awarded a high ranking.

TopSearchEngineResults knows the value that quality content can have, whether it is the form or actual website pages, or articles and blog posts to support those pages. We can offer a service of premium SEO content writing that is prepared in a way that attracts the search engines - and, again, improve your site’s rankings.

• Site optimisation

The architecture of your website should ensure that it is easily readable by the search engines. At TopSearchEngineRankings we ensure that your site’s keywords, content and structure are combined in a way that will bring it search engine ‘love’.

The Internet continues to grow at a fast pace with an estimated 2 billion Internet users going online worldwide to find information, products and services. Using the right strategies in SEO for small business allows you to not just survive in this competitive environment, but to actively compete with the bigger and more established names in your industry.

More information about how TopSearchEngineRankings SEO strategies for small businesses will work for you is just a phone call or email away.

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