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SEO training

Our TopSearchEngineRankings team members are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - our clients depend on it!


We know how to audit websites to ensure their maximum effectiveness, and we have mastered identifying the right keywords to use in creating superior content. Building powerful, high value links is just one of our specialties, but one that so many people simply get wrong.


Unlocking the SEO strategies being used by your main competitors is priceless intelligence, and knowing how to reverse engineer these can take you to the top of the search engine listings.


There are very specific techniques to be used in SEO, and we would love the opportunity to teach them to you.


What you will learn

seo training

Our xxxxx day SEO Training Courses are hands-on workshops that teach you how to drive high quality search traffic to your website - both paid and free traffic. We will teach you how the search engines work, what they look for in websites, and what you need to do to get ‘search engine love’.


Understanding how to do keyword research is arguably one of the most important aspects to SEO, and our team will teach you the hows and whys of keyword research and share with you the tools we use to streamline what used to be a detailed and time-consuming process.


We will show you how to create a holistic SEO plan - one that will grow as your site and expertise does. If the strategies become too time-consuming for you, we will show you how to automate and outsources some of the processes.


Our Beginner’s SEO Training includes:


  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Understanding search results
  • The search engine’s ranking process
  • A top-line audit of your site
  • Analysing your target audience
  • Keyword research
  • Getting indexed by different search engines
  • Understand SEO related HTML tags
  • Sitemaps – HTML and XML
  • How to not be penalised by the search engines
  • Google Analytics


Made To Measure SEO Training

The TopSearchEngineRankings team understands that structured SEO training is not for every, which is why we tailor our training to your specific needs. We know that some businesses, especially those in very competitive niches, need to invest time in understanding their competitors strategies. Others need to invest more time dissecting their own websites and current strategies to ensure they continue to rank highly.


We can take you on the whole journey, from auditing your site through to actioning key changes - ensuring you understand the process from the get-go.


Who Will Benefit From Our SEO Training?


  • People with responsibility for the website management of a company/business
  • Entrepreneurs with their own online business websites
  • Those who want to further their careers in the online marketing world by offering SEO services
  • Anyone wishing to understand how the importance of SEO in the marketing mix


Even people who outsource their SEO to TopSearchEngineRankings have undertaken our SEO Training. They find it helps them have a clearer understand of what is involved - and, as a consequence, what they are paying us for!


Others students have been able to take their learnings to their employers who have acknowledged these new skills with job progression. Having SEO skills is an ideal addition to anyone’s resume.


We welcome the opportunity of discussing our SEO training with your further, and would be happy to design a training session that is just right for you.


CAll us1800 995 900

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