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Video marketing & optimization

Video Marketing


One of the many criteria that search engines use to rank websites is the originality, relevance, variety and quality of their content. The type of content that is available for easy inclusion in websites is continually evolving, and right now the most popular types of content include text, audio and video.


Of these, video content is increasingly being added to websites because of its huge impact on traffic generation and sales conversions. Once created, a simple video can be not just included in your website, but can be leveraged for publishing to other services, like YouTube.


This has resulted in video marketing becoming a vital component of online business.


Why adding videos can help your site


Attention Getting


The human eye is attracted to moving objects which is why most people prefer to watch a video than to read its transcribed written version. Videos engage the audience to hold their attention longer, increasing website ‘stickiness’ - a desirable SEO (search engine optimisation) quality that exists when your visitors remain glued to your web pages.


People are much more inclined to watch a 1 minute video giving an overview of a product or service than wade through a page of written copy.


Better search rankings


Combining video with relevant text content and sitemap generation boosts search rankings tremendously. Google loves this type of content and even recommends this video marketing and optimization strategy to make it easy for search engine robots to find your website.


Increase sales


Studies conducted by top online retailers suggest that using videos to promote products results in higher conversions of ‘visitors’ to ‘buyers’ - in some cases boosting sales by more than a hundred percent. This is why TopSearchEngineRankings strongly suggests including videos on your websites. Video marketing is very powerful.


Keeping it real


If you are marketing a product, using video is an ideal way to show how it works, how it is different from competitors, or to provide testimonials from satisfied customers. If you have a spokesperson for your product or service, having a video of them introducing the product and giving an overview lends an air of credibility to the site. People relate to other people much more than they do to product images. This is especially the case online, where there is rarely any face to face contact involved in a sale. A 30 second demonstration of how a product works - magic!


Create awareness


Video marketing can be used to increase awareness for your business, company or products. Adding online tools that allow your audience to share videos in social networking sites will help make content viral, greatly boosting your marketing campaign.


TopSearchEngineRankings uses creativity in its creation of videos for your website, and by employing SEO strategies in their production and publishing, will ensure the desired response is achieved.


Depending on what your business goals are, there are many video types to choose from and endless variations of the following:


  • funny or humorous
  • information or instructional
  • demonstration
  • testimonial
  • commercial
  • documentary
  • interview
  • artistic or performance
  • inspirational and
  • short films


Videos are here to stay as Internet marketing experts foresee the continuing popularity of this content format. But not just any kind of video will do. Careful planning and a well thought out strategy for video marketing and optimization should precede any production.


With the help of TopSearchEngineRankings, your video will send the right message and reflect your business’s image and personality for premium results.


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